10 Easy, High-Leverage Things You Can Do to Supercharge Your Health
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Jane Marinelli

When I was a kid, my dream was to cure cancer. That interest led to a bioengineering degree and a career in health tech—I used to be a software engineer at the sleep and meditation app Calm. And in the last five years, I’ve gone deep into health research and performing experiments to learn more. For example, like many health enthusiasts, I try to avoid the herbicide glyphosate, so I buy glyphosate-free honey. To ensure that my honey is truly glyphosate-free, I recently bought a glyphosate kit to personally test it.

My conversations with people about my experiments led me to write my first book—Elevate: The 80/20 Guide to Supercharging Your Health. Based on the Pareto principle, an economic rule that states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions, Elevate is a collection of my answers to the question, “What’s the easiest and highest leverage thing I can do for my health?”. In this book, I’ll share the science behind how you’re inadvertently damaging your health—and the simplest, highest-impact things you can do to protect yourself.